Dear friends,

Welcome to Taiwan to visit Accuview Inc., The World’s #1 LCD monitor manufacturer and distributor.

We have overcome the difficult three years of the pandemic. We are grateful to survive and continue to work together and create our future.

Accuview has been continuously improving and creating more stable, precise standard products, board-level components, and customized special products in the display industry for 33 years. Moreover, we design, manufacture, and stock in Taiwan, so our future technical support and repair services will be more efficient and accurate.

Accuview has several types of products on display on-site at the exhibition:
1. Standard military, industrial, and commercial displays include rugged VESA mount displays, open frame displays, panel mount displays, KIT mount displays, and Yoke mount displays.
2. High-quality board components include LCD panels, touch screens, LCD control cards, special cables, and metal housings.
3. Customized products include NVIS night vision displays, sunlight-readable displays, wide-temperature displays, and waterproof displays.

We are seeking partners from all over the world to work together and provide the best display products. Please contact Accuview if interested.


Accuview Team