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The Kit Display series is a line of products that offers the most compact, lightweight, and space-saving monitors within the Accuview monitor series. It is a monitor sub-assembly that is perfect for small-footprint applications, designed to save space and provide complete freedom to build all types of enclosure models. Accuview KIT Display has been widely utilized by OEMs and contractors in various projects, from instrumentation panel displays, small form kiosks, photo booths and ATMs, to A/V integration solutions and industrial machines.

The KIT Display series encompasses a wide range of sizes, starting from 6.5 inches up to 32 inches, ensuring flexibility for different display needs. Additionally, they are available in different brightness levels, ranging from 250 nits to 1500 nits, including options for high brightness requirements. For enhanced user interaction, there is a multitude of choices for touchscreen displays, offering various thicknesses ranging from 1.8mm to 6mm.

At our company, we take pride in working closely with engineering designers, architects, product managers, sales department managers, and procurement managers to deliver tailored solutions using our KIT Monitor series. We guarantee a one-year warranty, and our dedicated engineering department is equipped to provide repair and upgrade services for 5-10 years, ensuring long-term support for your project.

Please feel free to contact us by email at to explore how the Kit Monitor series can meet the specific design needs of your project.. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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