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Accuview, your customizable LCD display solutions manufacturer since 1990, presents our Open Frame LCD monitor series. The series of LCD monitors is available from 6.5” to 32” in aspect ratios of 4:3, 5:4, and 16:9 /16:10. Our Open frame series is one of our pillar platforms that our display solutions are built upon. Accuview is known as an OEM or product developer. Accuview Open Frame series can provide you with flexible but robust designs that easily integrate into your end product or system where an enclosed LCD display will not fit properly. Accuview’s Open Frame LCD monitors incorporate our uniquely made L-brackets, which give you the ability to secure the monitor to any of the four sides. Standard VESA mounting pattern in the back gives you another location to secure the LCD display.

Accuview’s Open Frame LCD displays come fully assembled and give you several display inputs including VGA/DVI/DP/HDMI/USB-C; LCD panel options include regular brightness (200 – 350nits), daylight brightness (400 – 800nits), and High Sunlight readable brightness (1000 – 3200nits). Each of the displays can also be made interactive by adding touchscreen options and multimedia speakers with Audio in/out. For challenging projects – wide temperature range, shock and vibration laden heavy industries, moisture sensitive, high bright location, Accuview has the proper solution.

For applications requiring a thinner solution due to space limitation, Accuview’s Kit display would be the better solution. Our Kit Display comes fully tested and assembled using a thin plate with LCD display, AD board, OSD board, and a proper power source in either 12V/24V DC, or a wide range solution of 9-36V DC. Accuview’s Kit Display will give you the true flexibility to place each component where it fits the best while assuring that everything will work PERFECTLY together.

Let Accuview’s sales and engineering team help to provide the best LCD display solution to your exact need and bring your concept to existence. We have a proven track record to design, deliver, and support our solutions in a timely manner right here in the United States.

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