Accuview offers LVDS cables and backlight cables as well as other connections for LCD TFT displays. Our partners produce high-quality and cost-effective cables.

Customized TFT Panel Cable

Customized LCD Display cables with:

  • combined LED supply cable (PWM) for backlight dimming
  • individual labeling
  • special color coding

Casting of connectors and solutions with adapter circuit boards.

IPEX Cable for LVDS

Most of the new display types have IPEX connectors. IPEX plugs are very difficult to produce, but Accuview has the ability to deliver your customized, cost-effective, and high-quality IPEX LVDS cables.

LVDS Round Cable

The easiest LVDS round-cable consists of paired twisted LVDS wires. The unshielded pairs are held together with shrinking tubes.

LVDS round cables with braid are recommended. LVDS cable is protected against perturbations with braid.


  • LVDS round cable
  • Twisted single strand
  • Backlight cables
  • Customized cables
  • Solid workmanship
  • Cost-effective
backlight cable

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