Accuview, your leader in customizable LCD solution, now presents an entire category of specialized top quality accessories and components. Throughout our 20+ years in the industry, we have tested/used a wide variety of cables, power supplies, mounts and other related products that we believe are to be reliable, cost-effective and truly compatible to our entire line of products. So whether you are looking for an upgrade to your AC adapter or maybe a specialized HDMI cable, trust Accuview to provide the accessories that complements your needs.

Accuview carries a wide selections of accessories and components that can fully accessorize your commercial and industrial displays needs. Gain the accessories you need for smooth and practical upgrade or replacement. For more detail, please contact Accuview for more information.

    A06-2110Cable, Power Cord, 6ftA06-2110 | 6ft NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C13 Power Cord
    A06-2120Cable, Power Cord, 6ftA06-2120 | 6ft NEMA 5-15P to IEC 60320 C5 Power Cord
    G06-X110-11Cable, DisplayPort, 6ftG06-X110-11 | 6ft DisplayPort 1.2a Cable
    B03-2130-31Cable, DC Extension, 3ft, 2.1mm, Male to FemaleB03-2130-31 | 3ft DC Extension Cable 2.1mm Male/Female Straight Plugs
    B03-2240-31Cable, DC Extension, 3ft, 2.5mm, Male to FemaleB03-2240-31 | 3ft DC Extension Cable 2.5mm Male/Female Straight Plugs
    B06-2270-41Cable, DC Mating, 6ft, 2.5mmB06-2270-41 | 6ft DC Mating Cable 2.5mm Male Straight Plugs
    B06-2570Cable, Lockable DC Mating, 6ft, 2.5mmB06-2570 | 6ft Lockable DC Mating Cable 2.5mm Male Straight Plugs
    F06-4220Cable, DVI, 6ftF06-4220 | 6ft 28AWG CL2 Dual Link DVI-D Cable – Black
    E06-6110-11Cable, Ultra Slim HDMI, 6ftE06-6110-11 | 6ft 36AWG Ultra Slim Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable
    B06-2170Cable, DC Mating, 6ft, 2.1mmB06-2170 | 6ft DC Mating Cable 2.1mm Male Straight Plugs
    E06-4110-11Cable, HDMI, 6ftE06-4110-11 | 6ft 28AWG Premium High Speed HDMI Cable
    J06-4121-21Cable, Serial Extension, 6ft, Male to FemaleJ06-4121-21 | 6ft Black Serial Extension Cable
    J06-4122-21Cable, Serial Extension, 6ft, Male to FemaleJ06-4122-21 | 6ft Beige Serial Extension Cable
    D05-5111Cable, VGA, 5ft, Male to MaleD05-5111 | 5ft VGA Monitor Cable M/M with Ferrites
    D03-5110-11Cable, SVGA, 3ft, Male to MaleD03-5110-11 | 3ft Ultra Slim SVGA Monitor Cable with Ferrites
    H16-4220Cable, USB 2.0, 6ftH16-4220 | 6ft USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Male
    AP050-P1C13-11Power Adapter, 50W, 2.1mmAP050-P1C13-11 | 50W Power Adapter with 2.1mm plug
    AP050-P5C13-11Power Adapter, 50W, 2.5mmAP050-P5C13-11 | 50W Power Adapter with 2.5mm plug
    AP060-P1C13-11Power Adapter, 60W, 2.1mmAP060-P1C13-11 | 60W Power Adapter with 2.1mm plug
    AP060-P1115-21Power Adapter, 60W, 2.1mmAP060-P1115-21 | 60W IP67 Power Adapter with 2.1mm plug
    AP060-P5C13-11Power Adapter, 60W, 2.5mmAP060-P5C13-11 | 60W Power Adapter with 2.5mm plug
    ACC-DM-BT641Desktop Mount, 200~250mmACC-DM-BT641 | Desktop Mount
    BT641Desktop Mount, 200~250mmBT641 | Desktop Stand
    FD2SLDesktop Mount, 200~250mmFD2SL | Fold–Flat Table Mount Stand
    641CBDesktop Mount, 200~250mm641CB | Round Base Desktop Stand
    RMT-TV-03RMT-TV-03 | IR Remote