4K Ultra HD

Accuview’s new series of 4K LCD Displays in models OFU270U and OFU320U are the one of the first 4K (UHD) Open Frame LCD displays that allows users to bring the superior picture quality and clarity ( approximately 2X the number pixels as compare to current 1080p sets) to an embedded solution that you can build around. 4K display allows your users to be immersed in the moment as they view the display due to the number of pixels that are doubled over the current Full HD (1920x1080) Televisions. It will bring live-like realistic colors and higher frame rates so the viewer are wrapped into the content. As the content makers gradually improve their 4K content daily, Accuview’s 4K open frame displays are the solution for many occasions that require an embeddable displays to place in the wall or into a machinery as an OEM component. Accuview’s 4K displays are also available in touchscreen version as well as adding an vandal glass option.
Size Model Description Resolution Brightness Viewing Angle Operating Temperature
27OFU270UOFU270U | 27 inch Open Frame Monitor3840 x 2160300 nits89°/89°/89°/89°0° ~50°C
32OFU320UOFU320U | 32 inch Open Frame Monitor3840 x 2160300 nits89°/89°/89°/89°0° ~50°C