Open Frame Monitor

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AccuView’s Open Frame LCD / LED Monitors are designed for commercial and industrial applications such as kiosks, gaming machines, ATM Machines, aviation simulators, industrial equipment, control panels/keypad applications, and vending machine displays. With dynamic display and clear picture quality on each LCD / LED monitor, these Open Frame Monitors are ideal for any content-rich application. AccuView’s open frame monitor is designed to be easily integrated into any application with varying input options to meet any integrators or OEM application needs. Each of AccuView’s open frame display monitor is more than just a regular open frame display. Many modifications such as different brightness, contrast ratio, and input/outputs are available upon request.

Size Model Description Resolution Brightness Viewing Angle Operating Temperature Touch Type
6.5OFU065AOFU065A | 6.5 inch Open Frame Monitor640 x 480800 nits80°/80°/70°/70°−30° ~ 80°C
6.5OFU065ARUAOFU065ARUA | 6.5 inch Open Frame Resistive Touch Screen Monitor640 x 480800 nits80°/80°/70°/70°-30° ~80°CResistive
12.1OFU121DOFU121D | 12.1 inch High Bright 1500 nit Open Frame Monitor1024 x 7681500 nits80°/80°/70°/70°−30° ~ 85°C
12.1OFU121DPUAOFU121DPUA | 12.1 inch High Bright 1500 nit Open Frame Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Monitor1024 x 7681500 nits80°/80°/70°/70°−30° ~ 85°CProjected Capacitive (PCAP)
12.1OFU121DRUAOFU121DRUA | 12.1 inch High Bright 1500 Nit Open Frame Resistive Touch Screen Monitor1024 x 7681500 nits80°/80°/70°/70°−30° ~ 85°CResistive