High Bright Open Frame Monitor

Accuview’s High Bright series offer comprehensive range of specially enhanced Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors; these TFT Flat Panel LCD Monitors are designed to operate in rich ambient lighting conditions. Integrated with not only high-luminance backlighting, Accuview incorporates other innovative technology into its Sunlight Readable Monitors which helps to boost efficiency of the backlight's light utilization and minimizes the surface reflection of ambient light. This unique enhancements produces a brighter optical images with higher contrast and full range of vivid colors, even in bright outdoor locals. Accuview's Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors outperform many commercially available displays that washes out in direct sunlight environments. These superior quality High Bright Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors are an ideal solution for most commercial applications: ATM, industrial, security/surveillance, marine, military and vehicular applications. Accuview HB (high bright) series product line ranges from: small format open frame LCD modules, rack mount configurations, panel mount models for reliable usage throughout NEMA 4 and fully enclosed VESA mount LCD displays.
Size Model Description Resolution Brightness Viewing Angle Operating Temperature
17OFU170EOFU170E | 17 inch High Bright Open Frame Monitor1280 x 10241000 nits85°/85°/80°/80°0° ~50°C
19OFU190EOFU190E | 19 inch High Bright Open Frame Monitor1280 x 10241000 nits85°/85°/80°/80°0° ~50°C