Touch Screen

Adding a touchscreen sensor changes the character of an open frame monitor… Accuview has built touchscreen monitors since the 1990’s when CRT was the mainstream of display technology. By adding a piece of touch glass substrate to the monitor and using a controller card to communicate with the driver in the control system, Accuview changed the use of a display from a simple readout device to an interactive control device. The Accuview open frame touchscreen monitors are used in projects in various industries. A public kiosk with a secured thick 6 mm vandal proof glass is a good example. Another example is a touchscreen monitor with a hard wired toggle on/off switch that controls the on/off function of the touch sensor for the cutting machine of a big lumber yard company. With more than 20 years in the touch screen monitor business, Accuview is able to share our expertise on the best touch technology for your next project with our open frame monitor. A custom cut touch sensor is also a viable option when you have a special project with no existing sensor in the market that can fit it. Accuview commits to long term support of our customers. We have fully backwards compatible drivers with the legacy support if we have to upgrade to the latest technology. Industrial devices can go through any number of rugged situations during their life cycle. The right touchscreen monitors can guarantee that critical functionality remains available, no matter what happens to the chassis. Accuview’s commitment to long life-cycle consistently allows for a variety of touch display sizes, ensuring long-term compatibility for integrators and OEMs. By maintaining uniformity, engineers can feel secure that their designs won’t be hemmed in by limited interactive display size -- even for newer LCD panels.
Size Model Description Resolution Aspect Ratio Brightness Viewing Angle Operating Temperature Touch Type
15.6OFU156CPUAOFU156CPUA | 15.6 inch Open Frame Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Monitor1920 x 108016:9400 nits70°/70°/60°/60°-10° ~70°CProjected Capacitive (PCAP)
15.6OFU156CRUAOFU156CRUA | 15.6 inch Open Frame Resistive Touch Screen Monitor1920 x 108016:9400 nits70°/70°/60°/60°-10° ~70°CResistive
15.6OFU156JPUAOFU156JPUA | 15.6 inch High Bright Full HD Open Frame Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Monitor1920 x 108016:91000 nits70°/70°/60°/60°-10° ~70°CProjected Capacitive (PCAP)
15.6OFU156JRUAOFU156JRUA | 15.6 inch High Bright Full HD Open Frame Resistive Touch Screen Monitor1920 x 108016:91000 nits70°/70°/60°/60°-10° ~70°CResistive