Wide Viewing

By adding a bezel to an open frame LCD monitor, the finished LCD display becomes a vital part of your equipment. Whether it is a public kiosk , a door-entry display in front of an apartment complex or just a read-out display of a machinery, Accuview want to make sure it is the best performing LCD display possible. A typical LCD display in the market usually operates between 0 to 50 degrees Celsius has a viewing angle of 120 degrees (left and right). This type of monitor is very popular but Accuview believes it is not enough for a display intended to be used in a public environment with challenging weather/temperature variances. When selecting the right kind of LCD monitors, please check carefully to make sure it has operating temperatures between -20 to 70 degree C. The best ones even operate from -30 to 85 degree Celcius. In extreme conditions, Accuview can also monitor the internal temperature of the display by adding a thermostat, a fan to dissipate the heat, and a heater to warm up the display when it is under the freezing point. The wide viewing angle feature assures that no one is missing the message on the screen while there is a crowd in front of the LCD monitor. If you are designing a display for public viewing purposes, Accuview suggests you to pick up one of our displays in this category. Please feel free to contact Accuview sales professional for the detail requirement of your display.
Size Model Description Resolution Brightness Viewing Angle Operating Temperature
12.1OFU121DOFU121D | 12.1 inch High Bright 1500 nit Open Frame Monitor1024 x 7681500 nits80°/80°/70°/70°−30° ~ 85°C
12.1OFU121VOFU121V | 12.1 inch Wide High Bright Open Frame Monitor1280 x 8001000 nits89°/89°/89°/89°−30° ~ 85°C
12.1OFU121WOFU121W | 12.1 inch Wide Open Frame Monitor1280 x 800400 nits88°/88°/88°/88°−10° ~ 70°C