In North America, terrestrial/broadcast TV are regulated by the FCC and have been standardized to ATSC Digital signals since 2009. ATSC signals carries a higher bandwidth which allows digital television to be shown in FHD and carries 5.1 channels stereo surround audio. In order to receive these broadcast signals, an ATSC compatible tuner is necessary on your HDTV to fully enjoy the richness of picture and sound.

Accuview’s series of ATSC/Clear QAM HDTV’s are the perfect match when your project calls for a HDTV/LCD Display. With screen sizes from 12” to 27” in regular brightness and sunlight readable with various custom housing features and mounting solution for both indoor and outdoor application, Accuview ATSC/Clear QAM HDTV give you the flexibility and customization in order to fulfill your exact specification.

Size Model Description Resolution Brightness Viewing Angle Operating Temperature
12SIT12WSIT12W | 12 inch Sports Stadium HD TV1920 x 1080400 nits88°/88°/88°/88°−10° ~ 70°C
12SWM12VSWM12V | 12 inch Sports Stadium Weatherproof HD Monitor1280 x 8001000 nits89°/89°/89°/89°−30° ~ 85°C
12SWT12VSWT12V | 12 inch Sports Stadium Weather-proof HD TV1280 x 8001000 nits89°/89°/89°/89°−30° ~ 85°C