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Accuview Sunlight Readable Monitor allows viewers to see concise, and focused video images even in sunlight-rich environments. Through our proprietary enhancement, each Sunlight Readable LCD provides 1000 to 1500 nits of brightness (Even high as  3500 nits upon request for specific projects). This dynamic display and clear picture quality allows full readability on each of our High Brightness LCD monitors. Traditionally, the typical desktop LCD displays are only 150 to 300 nits which are great in an indoor condition but a washout under a brighter outdoor ambient lighting situation.

sunlight readable monitor compared to regular monitor

To combat outdoor or sunlit conditions, increasing the brightness through our proven enhancement is the proper solution. Brightness  of a LCD display is measured in nits which shows how much light is emitted from the light source and is the determining factor of the monitor’s perceived luminance. For most indoor settings, 200 to 350 nits will suffice; a little bit more daylight condition may require 350 to 800 nits to ensure readability. For full sunlit  environments, 1000 nits or above is ideal . Accuview’s TAA -compliant Sunlight readable displays are available in a wide range of sizes with 4×3, 5×4, or 16×9 aspect ratio in open frame or enclosed housing. Interactive touchscreen options are also available.

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What's Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is a process where a layer of optical-grade resin is applied between the protective glass or touchscreen and LCD panel of the monitor. By bonding them together to make a solid laminate with no gaps or air pockets eliminates the internal reflections as well as internal moisture and/or condensation. A touch screen with optical bonding maintains a more accurate touch response because the pressure is maintained through the substrate, rather than being delayed by a gap. Optical bonding will strengthen the LCD display and make the monitor more rugged and durable. It will enhance the viewability of sunlight readable applications. 

By adding Optical bonding to LCD panels and its protective glass or touchscreen, harsh environmental applications in military, medical, transportation, marine-bridge and retail sectors, results in a higher performing display. Optical Bonding is suited to industries that tend to use rugged displays in high reliability environments or industries where displays need to be seen in high ambient light conditions or sunlight readable LCD monitors.

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Daylight Viewable Monitors

For applications that are less than full sunlight, indirect lighting or outdoor shaded locations, an in-between, Daylight Readable LCD Monitor will be the perfect fit. A sunlight readable LCD monitor is usually 1000nits or above while a traditional desktop LCD monitor is around 250-300nits. Accuview’s Daylight readable LCD monitor is from 450 nits to 800 nits. Optional Optical bonding for added interactivity or anti-glare treatment can also enhance its readability under brighter than normal conditions. Accuview’s TAA-Compliant Daylight Readable LCD Monitor utilizes less power consumption as compared to Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor and is great for mobile applications.

High Brightness Outdoor Displays with Waterproof Treatments

Accuview’s Sunlight readable LCD monitors can utilize our metal alloy enclosed housing to provide ruggedized waterproof/weatherproof displays. These are great for outdoor applications or bright spray wash environments. Further, Accuview’s Sunlight readable Panel Mount Monitor features a front IP65/NEMA4 metal front to provide an outdoor capable flush display. If the environment is outdoor sunlit and has extended temperature, our Accuview Sunlight readable, outdoor capable using our extended temperature option would be the ideal solution in your harshest environmental conditions.

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Customized To Your Needs

Through our design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and USA, Accuview’s series of Sunlight Readable LCD Monitor and Touchscreen can be further customized to fit your exact needs for those specialized applications. We provide panel sizes from 6.5” to 32” and all sizes in between geared toward your specific application.

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