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Accuview’s waterproof monitors are top contenders among all monitor products. Starting from 1990, Accuview has been providing specialized applications for CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) products, and solid and stable waterproof LCD monitors. They have received broad recognition from military, industrial, and commercial users. Accuview completes all aspects of the design process in-house, from the appearance, mechanical design, circuit board design, panel manufacturing, software support, and more. Therefore, no matter what special requirements your usage environment has, we can accommodate your design, production, and maintenance needs. Our after-sales servicing extends up to ten years.

Are you one of the integrators/solution providers that need to present a full weatherized solution? Or maybe even more robust with an IP65 / NEMA 4X waterproof LCD display? Accuview has our series of fully weatherized solutions that uses sunlight readable LCD panels with proven weatherized housing and connections. Accuview series of IP65 waterproof LCD displays for car washes, meat processing plants, or those other industrial applications that constantly wash the surroundings to eliminate contaminants. Do you also need to make these weatherized displays interactive? Accuview can provide a touchscreen option for any of our LCD displays.

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High Brightness Waterproof  Outdoor Monitors

When you have a project that requires outdoor LCD displays, there are many criteria you need to consider:
1) Weatherization – how well does it protect your screen from Mother nature? Rain, snow, extreme temperature, sunlight…
2) Readability – Can you read the content on the screen? Is the picture sharp and crisp with smooth video playback?
3) Location of the display – is it shaded, partially shaded, or direct sunlight and fully exposed?

Accuview has a full series of Sunlight Readable and Weatherproof Displays made of rugged weather-resistant metal alloy or stainless steel that include: 1000 to 3200 nits of brightness, advanced weather-seal to prevent moisture from encroaching the display, Wide-temperature (-20°C to 70°C), Specialized conformal coating to protect all components from the elements, and specifically designed connection to ensure that your weatherized sunlight-readable display can withstand the beating of the harsh environments. Should you need to make this display interactive, Accuview has a full line of Sunlight readable/weatherproof touch screens that are also finely calibrated to fit your location’s specific needs.

Accuview has the perfect weatherproof sunlight readable LCD display solution to fit your exact requirements. Remember, we are the manufacturer and can tweak and have the autonomy over our designs to accommodate your requirements and applications Our CE and TAA Compliant displays are fully ready to take on your outdoor display challenges!

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What is IP Rating?

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating is critical to evaluate the environments in which our full range of LCD monitors will be used. This rating classifies the amount of protection our enclosed LCD monitor has against the intrusion of foreign objects that could cause damage, falter, and safety issues. IP Rating is two numeral designation rate protection based on solid objects (dust, soil, contaminants, etc.) and liquid ingress (water, or other fluid substance). With this rating, users can know exactly how protected our LCD monitor is. IP ratings are specified with two digits, IPXX. The first digit defines the protection from solids, and the second digit defines the protection from liquids. For instance, our Panel Mount Sunlight Readable display has a front IP rating of 65 meaning that it would be completely protected from dust, and low water jet spraying in all directions.

Solid Particle Protection:

  • 0: No protection
  • 1: Protected against objects over 50mm, like hands
  • 2: Protected against objects over 12mm, like fingers
  • 3: Protected against objects over 2.5mm, like tools or thick wires
  • 4: Protected against objects over 1mm, like most wires or screws
  • 5: Protected against limited dust ingress (no dust deposit in the device to interfere with operations)
  • 6: Completely protected from dust (dustproof)

Liquid Ingress Protection:

  • 0: No protection
  • 1: Protection against dripping water falling vertically
  • 2: Protection against dripping water when the device is tilted at 15°
  • 3: Protection against spraying water when the device is tilted up to 60°
  • 4: Protection against spraying water from any direction
  • 5: Protection against low pressure water jets spraying from any direction
  • 6: Protection against powerful water jets spraying from any direction or temporary flooding
  • 7: Protection against immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • 8: Protection against long periods of immersion and high pressure
  • 9K: Protection against close range, high temperature and high pressure water jets

Accuview’s weatherproof sunlight readable LCD monitors and weatherproof sunlight readable touch screens come in 4×3/5×4 or Wide 16×9/16×10 aspect ratios.  Accuview’s waterproof series is a perfect fit in Wayfinder, entry access control, automatic car washes, amusement parks, mass transit, outdoor stadiums, venues, and amphitheaters.

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